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Programme LIFE NEWS


Road mortality is one of the main threats on the bats, including all French species are protected by law and international conventions. Existing infrastructures and traffic they support, indeed disrupt the flight lines and generate collisions. The RN113 between Arles and Saint-Martin-de-Crau, located Crau plain and near the Camargue, is particularly damaging to cut these mammals that are diverted from their hunting sites. Studies conducted by the CETE and Bats Provence Group identified the points of conflict with the RN113, breach of ecological continuity and confirm the strong collision mortality in this sector.

Within the framework of the European program "LIFE+ Chiro Med" and the "National Biodiversity Strategy", the DIRMED, the CETE, the Regional Natural Park of the Camargue and the Bats Group Provence joined to learn about the ecological functioning of the bats population and improve permeability of infrastructures by offering an innovative and flexible experimental road crossing at the bridge, exit 10 "Saint-Martin-de-Crau" on the RN113. The development was carried out on March 22 by the creation of a corridor edge apron, on one of the two sidewalks. This corridor of approximately 1 meter 50 is bounded by the railing and modular lane separators. The whole is raised by a fence and a net blackout to house the hallway to a height of about 2 meters. A continuum of movement sheltered from light, wind and of the noise is created and should allow bats to cross the RN113 to join their hunting site or cottages transit.

The objective of this action is to improve the knowledge of animal behavior to better design the future road crossing devices. The device will be regularly evaluated between March and October 2013 and therefore will result in the preparation of a technical report. Monitoring and evaluation of this development will make recommendations that will be declined in the National Action Plan for the bats.

Download the press release.


Before the booklet of program LIFE+ Chiro Med presentation, the booklet of bats home arrangement is now available electronically here and in print to the régional natural Park of the Camargue.


The 5th Newsletter (April 2013) of the LIFE+ Chiro Med program is now available.


Combining video clips, sounds and pictures, a multimedia montage introducing bats and the LIFE+ Chiro Med program is now available.

montage multimedia


In November 2012, during repairs to 1.5 km of track on the RD 570 by the General Council of Bouches-du-Rhone, a noisy specifically device in the high frequencies to the passage of wheels was installed upstream and downstream of the identified road crossing the Grand Rhinolophe area.

Find the press release and the fact sheet.


The 4th Newsletter (December 2012) of the LIFE+ Chiro Med program is now available.


Chateau d’Espeyran, Saint-Gilles-du-Gard

On the occasion of the 16th European night of the bat, the Joint Union of Camargue Gardoise, a partner of the LIFE + Chiro Med program invites you to this event dedicated to discovering the mysterious world of bats at the Chateau d’Espeyran, Saint-Gilles-du-Gard, Saturday, August 25th, 2012.

5:00 p.m. / 7:30 p.m. Animation for children to explore the night time life of bats: makeup, mobile construction, home construction for pipistrelles, discovered traces and clues left by bats, educational board game about bats. 19:30 / 8:30 p.m. Film and public debate on all types of bats. 8:30 p.m. / 9:30 p.m. Refreshments and picnic meals available in the castle grounds until the nightfall. 9:30 p.m. / 23h00 Observation and listening to bats leaving to go hunting.

Open and free participation by reservation 04 66 87 30 09.

Invitation European night of the bat 2012
Press release European night of the bat 2012

Site Pont du Gard

It is at the Pont du Gard, World Heritage Humanity Site, that the Joint Union of the Gardon gorges (SMGG) has organized for Saturday, August 25th a night dedicated to the 23 species of bats that inhabit its territory from the 34 species known in France.

Meeting at 19h for the film « To the rhythm of bats » real pedagogical introduction to the habits of these flying mammals, often feared and misunderstood. And yet their proximity to humans makes it important for us to recognize the merits of the mistresses of the night, which go beyond the simple influence they have on the mosquito population during the summer evenings.

The screening will be followed by a debate between public and technicians of the joint union, hosted by a SMGG presenter, Sébastien Hadiouche, and another bat group from Languedoc-Roussillon will look after the young people and take them around the grounds, two groups of 15 children and one adult. Using the Batbox, which retransmits ultrasound emitted by bats during their nightly escapades, children and adolescents will make contact with local bats. Sebastian also has a range of games that help with education on the biology of bats.

Place and time of meeting: 19H left bank of the Pont du Gard.
Information and reservation required: 04 66 37 50 99


Under the LIFE + Chiro Med program, the Joint Union of Camargue Gardoise launches a research project for summer 2012 to improve the knowledge of two bat species: the Greater Horseshoe Bat and Geoffroy’s Bat.

From June to September, if you see bats in your attic or basement during the day, do not hesitate to contact SMCG at 04-66-73-52-05.
The information you provide will be used to better understand the distribution of these two species which are threatened and declining in France. In case of problems, the SMCG can help improve coexistence with these little flying mammals.

Help us preserve them!

With the help of interns and volunteers, the Joint Union of the Camargue Gardoise will travel the country from 10th to 12th July in search of new settlements of Greater Horseshoe Bats and Geoffroys Bats.

Press kit Camargue Gardoise 2012 surveys